No link found between youth contact sports and cognitive, mental health problems

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-10-21 06:27
Adolescents who play contact sports, including football, are no more likely to experience cognitive impairment, depression or suicidal thoughts in early adulthood than their peers, suggests a new study of nearly 11,000 youth followed for 14 years.
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EVALI: The New Name of Vaping’s Lung Condition

Teen Health & Wellness - Sun, 2019-10-20 07:29
EVALI, which stands for electronic cigarette or vaping product use associated lung injury, is the official name for the lung condition impacting vapers according to a guidance published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The guidance document is intended to help doctors evaluate someone that may have EVALI and provide details on how to manage their condition.

As of mid-October, officials identified 1,299 probable and confirmed cases of EVALI across 49 states. The CDC also reported that 573 patients from these cases had used vaping products containing nicotine and/or THC products within 90 days of forming symptoms. The stats have also been further broken down to the age of patients. At least 80 percent of EVALI patients are under the age of 35. Of these patients, 15 percent are minors and 21 percent are 18 to 20 years old.
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Factors that predict obesity by adolescence revealed

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-10-16 07:49
Three simple factors that predict whether a healthy weight child will be overweight or obese by adolescence have been revealed in a new study.
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Molecular mechanisms behind women's biological clock

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-10-09 08:11
Throughout life, women's fertility curve goes up and down, and researchers have now shown why. The results might have impact on fertility counseling and in the longer term for treatment of infertility.
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Low intelligence linked to suicide risk later in life

Teen Health 2 - Tue, 2019-10-08 19:21
People with low scores on intelligence tests in adolescence run a higher risk of suicide and suicide attempt later in life. That is according to a study that followed almost 50,000 Swedish men from the 1970s until recently.
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Prenatal stress could affect baby's brain

Teen Health 2 - Tue, 2019-10-08 07:43
New research has found that maternal stress before and during pregnancy could affect a baby's brain development.
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Poor mental and physical health in pregnancy linked to infant sleep problems

Teen Health 2 - Thu, 2019-10-03 08:35
Severe and persistent infant sleep problems in the first year are linked to poor maternal mental and physical health during pregnancy, a new study has found.
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Severe morning sickness associated with higher risk of autism

Teen Health 2 - Thu, 2019-10-03 07:20
Children whose mothers had hyperemesis gravidarum -- a severe form of a morning sickness -- during pregnancy were 53% more likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, according to new research.
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High lead levels during pregnancy linked to child obesity

Teen Health 2 - Thu, 2019-10-03 07:20
Children born to women who have high blood levels of lead are more likely be overweight or obese, compared to those whose mothers have low levels of lead in their blood, according to a new study.
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Teens taking oral contraceptives may be at increased risk for depressive symptoms

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-10-02 09:04
Investigators report that there was no association between oral contraceptive use and depressive symptom severity in the entire population they studied (ages 16 through 25). However, they found that 16-year-old girls reported higher depressive symptom severity compared with 16-year-old girls not using oral contraceptives.
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Teen study reveals how schools influence e-cigarette use, outlines prevention strategies

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-09-30 16:09
When e-cigarettes hit the US market in 2007, they were promoted as a safer, healthier alternative to traditional, combustible cigarettes. The unintended consequence of vaping devices and e-cigarettes, however, is a new generation of vapers -- teenagers -- becoming addicted to nicotine. This study examines how schools influence e-cigarette use in adolescence, outlining various prevention strategies as well to hopefully decrease the trend of teenage vapers.
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Parent and sibling attitudes among top influences on teenage e-cigarette use

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-09-30 09:48
Flavor, safety and family attitude toward vaping are among the greatest factors influencing teenage perception of e-cigarettes, new research finds.
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Pro-Athletes Struggle with Mental Health

Teen Health & Wellness - Mon, 2019-09-30 06:02
The National Alliance on Mental Illness has estimated that one in every five adults in the U.S. experiences mental illness. Athletes, both amateurs and professionals, aren’t excluded. In fact, athletes are more susceptible to facing major challenges—they’re required to have a strong identity, have a grueling schedule, and many sports environments are toxic including bullying, abuse, and intimidation.

Professional baseball player Danny Duffy is a pitcher for the Kansas City Royals and a 2015 World Series Champion. Duffy is also clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Duffy has suffered from panic attacks since he was a teenager and dealing with the pressure, bullying, and intensity of being a pro-athlete only intensified some of his condition. His most recent panic attack happened this summer, right before a game. With the Royals organization supporting him, he now follows a plan based on therapy and coping activities, which has helped. He says, “I want people to know that I was lost, too. I want them to know that there’s a healthy way out. Sometimes you just gotta search hard enough and grind through it.”
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Teens sleep 43 more minutes per night after combo of two treatments

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-09-25 09:30
Teenagers got 43 more minutes of sleep a night after a four-week intervention that reset their body clocks and helped them go to bed earlier, a study has shown.
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Even mother's mild depressive symptoms affect the child's emotional well-being

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-09-23 09:12
Even mild long-term depressive symptoms among mothers are connected with emotional problems among small children such as hyperactivity, aggressiveness and anxiety.
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When is a child an adult?

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-09-18 16:44
When does childhood end? That's the question international researchers are asking as they chart age cut-offs for paediatric services around the world. Previous research has found that global health systems do not meet adolescents' needs, yet pediatricians are well placed to provide age-appropriate care to adolescents -- especially if they are trained in adolescent medicine.
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One way childhood trauma leads to poorer health for women

Teen Health 2 - Tue, 2019-09-17 09:54
Researchers have long known that childhood trauma is linked to poorer health for women at midlife. A new study shows one important reason why. The national study of more than 3,000 women is the first to find that those who experienced childhood trauma were more likely than others to have their first child both earlier in life and outside of marriage - and that those factors were associated with poorer health later in life.
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Importance of when adolescents sleep to obesity and cardiometabolic health

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-09-16 09:06
New study finds adolescent sleep timing preferences and patterns should be considered risk factors for obesity and cardiometabolic health.
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Violent video games blamed more often for school shootings by white perpetrators

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-09-16 07:21
People are more likely to blame violent video games as a cause of school shootings by white perpetrators than by African-American perpetrators, possibly because of racial stereotypes that associate minorities with violent crime, according to new research.
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3 in 5 parents say their teen has been in a car with a distracted teen driver

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-09-16 06:14
More than 1/2 of parents say their child has probably been in an unsafe situation as a passenger with a teen driver.
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