New study reveals links between social anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts in adolescents

Mon, 2024-06-10 11:58
A longitudinal study using a big dataset of 2,400 young people recruited from the UK found that social anxiety symptoms (measured at the outset) were significantly associated with more suicidal thoughts and other depressive symptoms two years later. The findings highlight the importance of early identification and treatment of social anxiety in young people.
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Study reveals high rate of drowsy driving by teens

Tue, 2024-06-04 11:22
A new study found that drowsy driving by teenagers is a common threat to public safety on U.S. roadways.
Categories: Teen Health

Study links household chaos with sleep quality among teens with ADHD symptoms

Fri, 2024-05-31 10:25
A new study found that household chaos and sleep hygiene are important factors in the relationship between sleep quality and ADHD symptoms in teens.
Categories: Teen Health

Social media use and sleep duration connected to brain activity in teens

Thu, 2024-05-30 11:27
A new study found a distinct relationship between sleep duration, social media usage, and brain activation across brain regions that are key for executive control and reward processing.
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Do epilepsy medications taken during pregnancy affect a child's creativity?

Wed, 2024-05-29 14:24
While older drugs for epilepsy, taken while pregnant, have been shown in previous research to affect the creative thinking of children, a new study finds no effects on creativity for children born to those taking newer epilepsy drugs.
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Prenatal exposure to air pollution associated with increased mental health risks

Tue, 2024-05-28 11:42
A baby's exposure to air pollution while in the womb is associated with the development of certain mental health problems once the infant reaches adolescence, new research has found. The study examined the long-term mental health impact of early-life exposure to air and noise pollution.
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1 in 4 parents say their teen consumes caffeine daily or nearly every day

Mon, 2024-05-20 10:28
A quarter of parents report that caffeine is basically part of their teen's daily life, according to a new national poll.
Categories: Teen Health

Teens who view their homes as more chaotic than their siblings have poorer mental health in adulthood

Wed, 2024-05-08 11:53
Adolescents who view their households as more unstructured, disorganized, or hectic than their siblings develop more mental health and behavioral problems in early adulthood, according to new research.
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Sedentary lifestyle puts strain on young hearts

Tue, 2024-05-07 13:02
According to a recent study, high levels of sedentary behavior and physical inactivity from childhood strain the heart in adolescence. High cardiac workload predicts heart failure and other heart diseases. In light of the findings, increasing moderate and vigorous physical activity from childhood onwards is particularly important in preventing heart diseases.
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Family and media pressure to lose weight in adolescence linked to how people value themselves almost two decades later

Mon, 2024-04-15 21:18
People who as teenagers felt pressure to lose weight from family or from the media, females, people who are not heterosexual, and people experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage, are most at risk of 'internalized' weight stigma, new research has found.
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Low cardiorespiratory fitness in youth is associated with decreased work ability throughout adulthood

Mon, 2024-04-08 11:06
A study confirms the concerns raised in the public domain about how young people's decreased fitness may affect their future work ability. The association of low youth cardiorespiratory fitness and adulthood decreased work ability persisted until the end of working life, which predicts substantial societal costs.
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Positive associations between premenstrual disorders and perinatal depression

Thu, 2024-03-28 14:25
Women affected by premenstrual disorders have a higher risk of perinatal depression compared with those who do not, according to new research. The relationship works both ways: those with perinatal depression are also more likely to develop premenstrual disorders after pregnancy and childbirth. This study suggests that a common mechanism might contribute to the two conditions.
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Earlier puberty onset may be one of the ways that childhood risk factors affect adult cardiometabolic health

Wed, 2024-03-27 13:49
Experiencing puberty earlier, compared to same-age peers, may be one of the mechanisms through which childhood risk factors influence adult cardiometabolic health issues, according to a new study.
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2 in 3 parents say their adolescent or teen worries about how sick days may impact grades

Mon, 2024-03-25 15:24
Many parents recognize increasing mental health concerns among children, reflected by the 1 in 5 who say they're open to allowing a child to take a mental health day.
Categories: Teen Health
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