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We see a lots of teenagers in the clinic for STD checks. Many of these teenagers seem to have no idea what is going on with themselves and do not appear to have much guidance in their lives. Teenage Survival has lots of really good information in a very readable format. - WebMail

We thinks this is a good resource to share! - WILLIAMS LAKE, BC

Teenage Survival provides our students with a terrific overview and resource of health topics in our school curriculum. They are presented in a creative and interesting manner. Students are motivated to read. - OSHAWA, ON

"User Friendly". Focuses on relevant teen issues. The language used is easy to understand and straight forward. - TORONTO, ON

This is a great resource to families. It is written in a style to talk to the reader in a manner that is easy and useful to both parties, the parent and the teenager. - SCARBORBOUGH, ON

Teenage Survival is particularly informative and easy to access. It is well written for teens and combines enough developmentally appropriate illustrations to go along with important information. I like the casual use of vernacular alongside prper terminology. I was immediately sold on the usefulness for teens. - VANCOUVER, BC

Well written for target audience. Subjects affect teen in this region. - BETHEL, AK

Kid friendly and easily readable. Good to be used for various language activities that have an overall theme of healthy life choices and sexuality. - EABAMET LAKE, ON

We provide counseling to at risk youth and part of our programming involves life skills, social skills and healthy relationships. Teenage Survival will be used as a resource. - BARRIE, ON

I really enjoyed the variety of issues that were mentioned. Andy is great. I loved that it is written as "just the facts"... no going around subjects. - DIDSBURY, AB

This has a good youth focus. It can be a great networking tool for the aboriginal youth. - WINNIPEG, MB

Teenage Survival contains very useful information that teenagers should be aware of, and presented in a concise and interesting way. - BRAMPTON, ON

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