For children born with HIV, adhering to medication gets harder with age

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-07-31 10:54
Children born with HIV in the U.S. were less likely to adhere to their medications as they aged from preadolescence to adolescence and into young adulthood. The study is one of the first to examine why different age groups stop adhering to treatment.
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Stressed at school? Art therapy reduces teenage girls' headaches

Teen Health 2 - Tue, 2019-07-30 07:26
In a pilot study, researchers explored art-based mindfulness activities that schools could use to reduce headaches, a common side effect of stress in adolescent girls. After three weeks of twice-weekly mindfulness and art therapy sessions, 8 teenage girls reported experiencing significantly fewer headaches.
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Teen Depression: Social Media vs. Video Games

Teen Health & Wellness - Sun, 2019-07-28 07:11
A new study from the University of Montreal researched how different forms of screen time affected mental health in teens over several years. About 4,000 teens were tested on how different activities affected their well-being. Screen time was split into four categories—television, social media, video games, and other computer activities. Researchers found that teens with increased screen time on television and social media showed increases in depression, while those playing more video games and using their computer for other functions did not.

Elroy Boers, one of the study’s authors and researcher at the University of Montreal’s Department of Psychiatry, stated, “With our study we really showed that increased social media and television use within a given year predicted more severe symptoms of depression within that same year. We attribute these findings to the fact that social media and television, unlike video gaming and functional computer use, contain idealized depictions of fellow peers that have ‘better lives’, such as depictions of exciting life events and perfect bodies.”
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Fracking activities may contribute to anxiety and depression during pregnancy

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-07-24 09:11
A new study identifies a link between proximity to hydraulic fracking activities and mental health issues during pregnancy.
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Hair could be the key to better mental-illness diagnosis in teens

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-07-24 09:11
It's possible that a lock of hair could one day aid in the diagnosis of depression and in efforts to monitor the effects of treatment, said the author of a new study examining cortisol levels in the hair of teens.
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About 44% of high school seniors who misuse prescription drugs have multiple drug sources

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-07-17 12:26
Roughly 11% of high school seniors reported prescription drug misuse during the past year, and of those, 44% used multiple supply sources, according to a pair of recent studies.
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Legalized recreational marijuana a substitute for alcohol, but not tobacco

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-07-17 10:26
The recent wave of recreational cannabis legalization across the US could generate $22 billion in sales per year, but not everyone is happy about it. New research shows the alcohol industry could be impacted when the substance is legalized.
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Pro-Athletes and the Benefits of Sleep

Teen Health & Wellness - Mon, 2019-07-15 09:17
Justin Verlander is the star pitcher for the Houston Astros Major League Baseball team in Texas. His teammate Alex Bregman was struggling to hit his typical homeruns and seemed fatigued. Verlander advised Bregman to start getting more sleep. Bregman recalled feeling like increasing from six hours of sleep to Verlander’s recommended ten hours was way too much, but he was willing to try. Soon he was less fatigued and his power hitting came back, allowing him to hit 30 homeruns for the season. Verlander’s sleep advice worked.

Verlander credits some of his own success over the years to his sleep habits. He gets nearly 50 percent more sleep than the average American’s 6.8 hours a night. He aims for ten hours every night. To help him stay asleep that long, he uses block out blinds and always puts his smartphone on silent or airplane mode to avoid distractions. Quality sleep can provide a healthy foundation for professional athletes, but they aren’t the only ones that can benefit from healthy sleeping habits. Not only can a good night’s sleep have a restorative effect on your body, but it can help your ability to make decisions and improve your overall well-being.
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Early puberty in girls may be 'big bang theory' for migraine

Teen Health 2 - Thu, 2019-07-11 10:27
Adolescent girls who reach puberty at an earlier age may also have a greater chance of developing migraine headaches, according to new research.
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No link between flu vaccine in pregnancy and later health problems in children

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-07-10 17:39
There is no association between exposure to the 2009 H1N1 'swine flu' vaccine during pregnancy and health problems in early childhood, concludes a new study.
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Teens 'mocked' by their parents are at greater risk for bullying, victimization

Teen Health 2 - Tue, 2019-07-09 09:02
New evidence suggests that adolescent bullying and victimization may have origins in the home. Many bullies have parents who are hostile, punitive and rejecting. A unique longitudinal study provides a more complete understanding of how parents' belittling and critical interactions with adolescents thwart their ability to maintain positive relationships with peers. Derisive parenting precipitates a cycle of negative affect and anger between parents and adolescents, which ultimately leads to greater adolescent bullying and victimization.
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Teens abusing painkillers are more likely to later use heroin

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-07-08 09:25
A new study shows that teens who use prescription opioids to get high are more likely to start using heroin by high school graduation.
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