Teen Surfer’s Historic Win

Teen Health & Wellness - Mon, 2019-04-15 07:13
Caroline Marks, a 17-year-old surfer from Florida, made history on April 8 in Queensland, Australia. Marks won $100,000 for taking first place at the 2019 Mobile Pro Gold Coast surfing finals, beating some of the world’s best female surfers. The contest was the first big event of the year and was staged in conjunction with the men’s Quiksilver Pro competition.

It’s not just the money that made it such a momentous occasion for Marks. This was the first win after the World Surf League had promised to award equal prizes for men and women competing on the elite level. The decision by the league this past September makes pro surfing one of the few professional sports that has implemented such gender equality.

For Marks, it was a great time to debut on the winner’s podium. “I’m really emotional right now,” Marks said in an interview with the World Surf League. “I can’t believe it. I’m speechless. It’s incredible to be a part of this sport. I just want to thank everyone at WSL— I’m so grateful. It’s so amazing to be a part of women’s surfing.”

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Maternal gestational diabetes linked to diabetes in children

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-04-15 06:18
Children and youth of mothers who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy are at increased risk of diabetes themselves, according to new research.
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Is it genetic code or postal code that influence a child's life chances?

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-04-08 09:43
Most children inherit both their postal code and their genetic code from their parents. But if genetic factors influence where families are able to live and children's health and educational success, improving neighborhoods may not be enough. Latest research provides new insights into the highly debated question of whether the neighborhoods that children live in influence their health and life chances.
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Performance-enhancing drugs may increase risk of teen cocaine abuse, impair fertility

Teen Health 2 - Mon, 2019-04-08 09:39
Performance-enhancing steroid use could increase the risk of cocaine use and addiction in teens, according to a new rodent study. The combination of these drugs could also impair fertility in young women.
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Can Vaping Cause Seizures?

Teen Health & Wellness - Mon, 2019-04-08 07:03
U.S. health officials are now investigating if seizures can be caused by nicotine-vaping devices. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a review of 35 cases of seizures among those using e-cigarettes, mostly young people. While they are not certain vaping is responsible, nicotine poisoning is known to cause seizures, convulsions, vomiting, and brain injury.

Heat is used to create an inhalable vapor of a flavored nicotine-based solution in most e-cigarettes. While the industry is thriving, there are few standards, including how much nicotine is delivered through a device. Many refillable e-cigarettes can be used with varying strengths of nicotine. The concern of nicotine poisoning through these devices is just one more potential health hazard flagged by the FDA. Even the device itself is tied to burns and explosions related to overheated batteries.
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High School Girls Fight Back Against "The List"

Teen Health & Wellness - Mon, 2019-04-01 08:25
A group of senior girls in Maryland recently discovered that their male classmates were circulating a list that rated them on their looks. Some of the girls felt shocked and disgusted, while others felt betrayed or disrespected. “I think of these people as friends, and I think of them as peers,” said eighteen-year-old Virginia Brown. “…they don’t see me as a friend, they don’t really respect me for my worth, all they see me for is my physical attractiveness.”

When the student who created the list was punished with just one day in detention, the girls went to the assistant principal’s office and demanded change. As a result, they had a two-and-a half hour meeting with about 80 students where the girls confronted their classmates and talked about their experiences with harassment, objectification, and sexual abuse, both in and out of school. Some students have now formed a group that meets every week to talk about how to prevent similar situations from occurring.
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Childhood methylphenidate treatment predicts antidepressant use during adolescence

Teen Health 2 - Wed, 2019-03-27 09:27
A new, 12-year longitudinal study, which monitored 6,830 children from early childhood into adolescence, has shown that consistent treatment with MPH-based medications during childhood increases the risk of antidepressant use during adolescence. The study is the first of its kind to examine the connection between children diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed MPH between the ages of six and eight, and future dispensed prescriptions of antidepressants.
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