I haven't had sex in awhile now (almost a year) and haven't done much sexually (except in February in which no sperm could of gotten me pregnant) but haven't had my period since. My close friend also passed in February but I had my period right after. I haven't had a period since and I wondered if you would have any idea why.

There are lots of reasons a period can be missed or delayed. Sometimes the pill or other medication can affect your periods, as can illness or stress. If you had regular periods prior to February and they suddenly just stopped for no apparent reason, you should be concerned. My best advice is to make an appointment with your doctor and get yourself checked out. It may be nothing, but it could be a symptom of something more serious that needs to be looked after.

I never had sex but i do have missed periods. My mom told me its probly just stress(school,friends,family,mabey even the thought of having your period).But,if it has happend for more than 2-3 to the doctor to cheek if are pregnant, have a sexualy transmitted diseases(aids,std's), or 3.there is something rong in the ovary's or the amount of blood in tne vigania(blood build up, without falling)

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