Need help with Teenage Survival Kit

My younger sister is turning 13 next month, and I want to make a fun "Teenage Survival Kit" for her. It would be a bunch of things put together in a gift box.

I already did an online reasearch and found some great ideas, but it's far from where I'd like to take it.

Here are the concepts I liked so far:

  1. Some Makeup: Mainly for skin care like exfoliating cream, blackhead cream, pore strips, and concealer
  2. Wireless headphones
  3. Digital Photo frame
  4. A Teenage Survival Handbook, I got from my doctor's office.

But this feels so incomplete to me.
Need help. Please advise.

My first suggestion would be a small emergency kit for her purse or backpack.
You can pick up tiny versions of a lot of this stuff at a dollar store or sometimes at a pharmacy, but the smaller the better.
Remember, it's just for emergencies, so you don't want to be hauling around large quantities of the items.
It could contain:

  • lip balm
  • a couple bandaids
  • a couple of individually wrapped throat lozenges or hard candies
  • a blister pack of 2 Advil (or other headache/pain med)
  • a couple of tampons and panty liners
  • travel pack of tissue
  • small dental floss (which can also be used for anything from sewing up a button to removing a stuck ring on your finger)
  • tweezers
  • nail clippers and small emory
  • a couple of hair elastics
  • small hair pick (These are better than a comb and take up way less room than a brush while still doing the job)
  • a small sewing kit (like the kind hotels give you that look like a matchbook)
  • pack of gum
  • travel size deodorant
  • travel size hand cream
  • travel size hand sanitizer
  • 2 bus tickets (in case she loses her bus pass)
  • small pencil and pad of post it notes. (better than plain paper because you can attach the note to what you want.

Other cool kind of gift suggestions:
• DVD Movie - The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants (and a pack of microwave popcorn)
• keychain with personal alarm/flashlight
• Custom-made keep-in-touch cards to give to friends with email address and phone number (twitter, facebook, instagram, etc)
(Can be made from perforated business card stock purchased at a stationery store and printed on any printer)
• #13 charm
• birthstone jewellery

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