why am I too short?

I am a fifteen year old girl and I am very short and fat too...I was very tall when I was young but ever since I started maturing( when I was 11) I stopped growing suddenly.i am 1.49 m and I weigh 48 kg......I am really short and I want to grow....no one in my family is short too....everyone calls me fat....is there any way that I can grow....evn I have very fat butt, thigh and hips too..... Help me!!!!!!!!

 ANDY'S ANSWER: I do not know why you would suddenly stop growing at age 11. You are much shorter than the average height for your age, and proportionately you weigh more than you should for the height you are. I think your best bet is to see a doctor about this issue. It may be that there is nothing wrong, but it doesn't hurt to get checked out. At the very least you need some guidance regarding the height to weight ratio for your best health.

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