What are some ways to tell you you are going to have your period before it ever happened to you before?

ANDY'S ANSWER: If you can remember when you first noticed your breasts starting to bud, you can expect your period to occur between 2 and 2 1/2 years after that.

There are other signs as you get closer to your period. One will be a growth spurt. Also your breasts will have started to actually grow. You will start getting underarm hair, and you might notice a thick whitish-coloured mucas discharge in your underwear. All of these signs indicate that your period is probably only months away.

You should be prepared by always carrying a pad in your purse or backpack, because you will never know where you will be when it arrives. Or, you could simply start wearing a pantyliner once your mucas discharge appears, and that should prevent you from being caught with blood in your underwear unexpectedly.

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