what is the white discharge?

ANDY'S ANSWER: That's a great question, and one that no one has ever asked me before. If you have started puberty, when your body starts producing this discharge, it is a sign that your ovaries are getting ready to start releasing eggs and you can expect your period to begin soon - usually within about 6 months. The mucous discharge will be part of your menstrual cycle for as long as you are in your reproductive years. Each time you finish your period, there will not be any or only a very little discharge for a few days, but then as you get closer to ovulation again, the more mucous there will be and the more moist and sticky it will become. The mucous is produced by the cervix and is there to aid sperm to survive by protecting it from the natural acids of the vagina and to help it to travel to your egg to fertilize it and start a baby.

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