Every time i have my period i get these cramps that make me feel like im dying, Advil or other medicine's will not help,

ANDY'S ANSWER: There are various ways that you can try to relieve menstrual pain, and every girl has to see what works for her. Sometimes mild exercise (like walking) will lessen the pain, other people find that a heating pad on the abdomen helps. Sometimes combining these things with medication will make a big difference.

As far as medication goes, there are several different kinds of pain relief and some people react to one kind better than another. You should try the different kinds and see if you get better results from a different medication.
For instance, Advil is ibuprofen, Tylenol is acetaminophen and Aleve is naproxen.

Also, t is recommended that you take the medication before the pain gets bad, when you first realize that your cramps have started. If you've been waiting until your pain is out of control before taking medication, it probably won't help much.

Last, if after trying these things you still find your pain is unmanageable, you should see your doctor for more solutions that can only be prescribed.

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