I Am 15 Years old and I have had a cycle one time in my whole intire life and i am soon to be 16.

i am delvoped really really well i am a little over weighted for my age i want to know why am i not having a cycle my stomach cramps all the time , my back hurts, things like that but my cycle just will not come on i need help i need someone to tell me what is wrong with me. Its scaring me when im older will i be able to have children i dont want to have to think like that i need help with this please .

ANDY'S ANSWER: I would not be concerned because you are well within the norms of puberty. You've already had one period, so officially you have already started menstruating. Some girls will have the first period and then not get another one for 6 months. It can take years for you to become regular and some girls are never really regular even after they become adults. You have all the signs that your body is going to have another period soon. Carry a pad with you at all times so you don't get caught by surprise, and feel free to name your first child (in 10 years) after me.

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