my period wont stop

my periods have never been normal but in feb and march they got really wierd i started spotting in the end of feb tell march when it got really bad i started bleeding super bad and i woke up one morning in the worst pain i was bleeding very bad i was dizzy and couldnt barley move felt like i had to take a poop but i didnt i had big big blood clot things i assked people about it they said it sounds like i misscarry after that i bled the rest of march then april and may no period and i think the very end of june i started bleeding again and now its july and im still bleeding ive been threw two big boxes of tampons i have no pains this time but im very scared idk whats wrong if anyone could help or no whats wrong please help me im thinkin about getting on birthcontrol to see if it helps

ANDY'S ANSWER: This is something only a doctor can help you with. Please make an appointment right away and get yourself checked out.

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