My daughter is soon to be 14 and in the last few months when having her period she would complain about dizziness, short lost of memory. Her Doctor says its nothing to worry about and if happens again on her next cycle to bring her back, should i worry?

ANDY'S ANSWER: I'm not a medical professional, but I know that periods are a stressful time for a lot of girls, so I would not be surprised at those kinds of symptoms. You have already consulted a doctor which is what I would have recommended you do to ease your concern.


Since her doctor has said there is nothing to worry about, I would say that there probably isn't a problem. The doctor has also said that if it continues to happen to bring her back and I'm sure that is because at that point in time they'll do a thorough check up and a few tests just to see if her iron levels, etc. are good, just on the offhand chance that there might be other things that need looking into.

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