#7 How to have a drama-free relationship

how to get a boy friend and how to stay out of drama?i love this guy like i really do and i have known him since kindergarden how should i get him to like me,and there is so much drama how can i stay away from it like i keep getting dragged into it

ANDY'S ANSWER: The whole reason there is drama is because your priority is to "get a boyfriend". What's wrong with just being friends and having fun in the company of the people you like without turning it into some kind daytime soap opera plot?

Personally, I think that teens are missing out on their best socializing opportunities by thinking that a boy-girl friendship has to be a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.  After that happens, everyone starts putting rules and expectations in place for each other because they are "in a relationship", which inevitably someone will not follow, or will be unhappy with and that's when all the misery of a breakup comes in, yada, yada yada.

You have your whole life to be in a serious exclusive relationship with someone. There will  be a whole less drama if you concentrate on just enjoying your friendships , no matter what sex they happen to be.

Below is the recording of Andy answering this question.

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