Ex boyfriend troubles?!

Hi Andy, about 2 months ago, i broke up with my boyfriend! & ever since I broke up with him he has been really mean to me, it's almost as if he was bullying me! & it also seems as if he is putting everyone against me! Because some of my best friends that I thought would be my friends forever are now always with him, & they used to tell me everything, & now they tell me nothing!!! All of this is making me feel like shit, & I just can't take any of this anymore! What do you suggest I should do?!?!

ANDY'S ANSWER: Even adults have a difficult time maintaining forever relationships. I wouldn't get too bent out of shape because your circle of friends appears to have left you behind. This is just the way things go. Next week someone else will be on the outs and you could be back in talking about THAT person! It's something to look forward to, isn't it?  In the meantime, look around and see if there are some better choices of people to hang out with. I imagine a world where people enjoy each other's company and do actual fun things with one another instead of spending their time gossipping about their current target.

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