I really like this guy and i can't get over him

I have liked this guy for about 2 years now and I can't get over him! Every time I see him I get all fuzzy and I know that he's not a great guy for me. He only dates girls for a short time and he has dated a lot of girls. We have this sweet friend history and he doesn't talk to me a lot anymore. My friends keep telling me that I have to move on and that he's not good for me but I mentally and physically can't!!! I know it's not love because I'm only 13! I have had other crushes but he's still in my head. I like 2 other guys who are way better for me but when it comes down to it, I like him soo much! I just want to know why this is happening.

ANDY'S ANSWER: I don't know what it is about wanting what we don't have, but it seems to be human nature. Thank goodness for common sense that allows us to see past the wanting and be able to make responsible choices for ourselves. Kind of like when you see that dream dress in the shop window that you might only wear once in your life, but you don't buy it because it would clean out your bank account and what you really need is a new winter coat. Life is full of balancing what we want now with what is best for us in the long run.

I can tell you that in the next few years you are going to have a lot of guys go through your life before you find "the one". Some will leave you with good memories and others will not. You seem pretty mature for 13 years old, at least mature enough to recognize that this guy will not be one of those that leaves you with good memories. Not many girls your age can look ahead with the same clarity. Use that maturity to put this guy behind you and move on.

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