I'm 14 and I really like my boyfriend. We've been dating for about three months. The thing is that I think I love him. I'd do anything to stay with him forever. Is this normal at 14? I'd really like to know more about this. If you could suggest something

ANDY'S ANSWER: I know it feels like you will feel like this forever, but it probably won't be like that. One of you will move on to someone else, and it probably will be very painful, but that's part of growing up. If you look at your friends and their relationships, you'll realize I'm right. Not very many teens can choose and manage a lifetime partner this early in life. i'm guessing you'll have many boyfriends over the years, and many of them will feel like it's the forever one. Yes, it's normal for 14. As a matter of fact, it's part of the growing and maturing process. Your emotions are developing the same as everything else in your body is changing.

My advice is to enjoy this relationship and any other one for as long as it lasts, but keep your common sense and don't include sex as part of things right now.  Sex just complicates your feelings, particularly if the relationship doesn't work out, and opens you up to all sorts of other problems that you really DON'T want to have to deal with like hurtful gossip about you at the very least when it's over and pregnancy at the worst.

Life is a journey. You're just at the start of it.

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