Im on my period and i was wondering what i can do to make it less stressful & painful?

im 13 im a girl

ANDY'S ANSWER: I don't think anyone considers their period to be a fun thing. It can be a minor inconvenience in the least and sometimes it's a much bigger issue to cope with. But your life doesn't have to shut down just because you're on your period. Usually PMS issues disappear within a day or two of your period starting, but in the meantime there are things you can do to alieviate some of the discomfort.

First of all, if you have cramping or bloating, you may find that taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen (at the first sign of pain) will give you relief. There are also some good home remedies that are helpful, like using a heating pad or hot water bottle on your lower abdomin. If you have the time and opportunity, you might just want to pamper yourself with a hot bath and a good book. Ginger is also a highly effective natural remedy. Try drinking ginger tea with honey throughout the day to help with mentrual pain.

A proper diet can also help your body produce its natural defences against menstrual discomfort. For example, eating fish just before your period that are high in Omega 3 fatty acids can also act as an anti-inflammatory. Also increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables will make sure your body has the necessary vitamins and minerals. Whole grain breads and nuts are highly beneficial, as is flax seed.

Even though you may not feel like it, mild exercise is actually very effective at relieving menstrual discomfort. Even if you get up and do some walking, you may find your symptoms are lessened.

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