is it normal for an 11 yr old girl to have her vaginal insides outside the lips?

ANDY'S ANSWER: The vaginal area consists of the Mons Pubis, (the fleshy area just on top where most of the pubic hair grows), the Labia majora  (the large outer lips), the labia minora (the smaller inner lips), the clitoris (right at the the top of the Labia Minora), the Urethral opening just below that (where you urinate from) and the vagina (the actual opening) under that.

Like everything else about the body, every girl is different. Some girls have a larger protruding Labia minora. This is really quite normal and is nothing to worry about. The great thing about human beings is that we aren't all exactly the same and normal can look very different in different people.

That being said, if the vaginal area appears to be red and swollen and is itchy or hurts, it's a good idea to have a doctor check it out.

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