Can you loose your virginity to a tampon?

I want to start using tampons... But my mother won't let me because she doesn't want me to loose my virginity to one. So, with that said, can you loose your virginity to a tampon?


ANDY'S ANSWER: No, virginity means not having ever engaged in sexual intercourse. You cannot lose your virginity to a tampon. What your mother is thinking about is your hymen breaking. The hymen is a small membrane that females are born with across the vaginal opening. 

It used to be believed that if a girl did not have an intact hymen, it meant she had had sex. Doctors now know that this is completely untrue. The hymen already has a natural hole in the middle of it to allow fluids to escape, and in most cases, grows thinner and the hole gets bigger as the girl grows, and is already worn mostly away by the time she hits puberty by natural activities including just walking and running. 

As long as you have not ever had sex, you are and will still be a virgin.

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