What is the policy for bullying? in ottawa what are the vice principals suppost to do when you dont feel safe and you feel threatened in the school you go?

i am being bullied by a girl that was my best friend one day she said i was stalking her and i wasnt and got this girl to threaten me and then she started threating me! i dont feel safe in that environmeant anymore and the vice principal is trying to blame it on me my parents called the super attendant of the school but i want a second opinon about this! what should the vice principal be doing about me getting bullied and unsafe and threated at my school?

ANDY'S ANSWER: Ontario has a Safe Schools legislation that was passed and came into effect on Feb. 1, 2010. The legislation requires school staff to report serious school incidents to the principal.  In addition, each school has their own individual bullying policies.

The problem that you may be facing is if you have been retaliating to the bullying. It is difficult for school staff to figure out who is the bully and who is the victim if both are behaving inappropriately.

To keep yourself safe in school, make sure you travel with a friend at all times, and try to avoid contact with the people who are bullying you. If at any time you find yourself in a situation where you are being bullied, walk away immediately. Do not retaliate physically, verbally or by email, texts, etc. Secondly, DOCUMENT the incidents, (including your actions), time, place, who was there, etc. Talk to your parents as soon as it happens so they can also help you document. If you have witnesses, have them also write an account. When you make a report to the school, you need to have all your facts clear and straight. If you are being cyber-bullied, include screenshots of facebook postings, or copies of any texts or emails you may have been sent. You will be taken a lot more seriously if you have everything thoroughly and accurately documented.

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