Hi....my name is Kristin and im 14...ive been a victim of bullying for years...and i even stopped going to school...i made up being sick so i wouldnt have to listen to them. Im now home-schooled..i never want to go back to public schools.

ANDY'S ANSWER: This is just a small part of your life, and home-schooling may be the right answer for you right now. However, if you ever want to do other things, go to university, get a job, etc. you still will need to be able to get out and survive in the real world. I came across a book that I think may have the answers that could change your life. It's called "10 days to a Bully-Proof Child" written by Sherryll Kraizer, PhD. It's available through amazon.com (.ca) and is designed to give you the tools you need to overcome being bullied.

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