Im Being Bullied In School What Should I Do

I am in eighth grade this year (my last year of middle school) and I am getting picked on so much. I do ignore it and act like it doesn't get to me but it does so much. A group of girls always make fun of me, talk behind my back, and spreads vicious rumors. I asked them to stop, but then they started doing it even more...I hate school and never look forward to it. I even considered being home schooled but my dad won't let me. And I know if I tell the principal they won't stop and they will tease me even more. Please help me! I am always depressed now and thanks to this situation, I have been getting bad grades lately?"

ANDY'S ANSWER: Some things you can do is avoid situations where you are alone with the girls that are tormenting you. Come earlier to class, leave the class a little later, spend breaks in the library or somewhere other than where these girls normally hang out, etc.

Make friends with someone else that you can walk with and get moral support from. If there is others that are being bullied, ask if they want to hang together with you and you can stick up for one another.
According to, bullying stops in less than 10 seconds 57% of the time if a peer stands up for the victim.

Bullies depend on you being too intimidated to say anything to an adult, so if you don't tell, your school can't do anything to help you and other victims. Document the incidences with the bullies and then talk to your school counselor or your principal.

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