#25 Do boys look at you in a diffrent way if u have big boobies

Someone in my class has boobs just like me and hardley anybody in are class have boobs just becuase we have boobies are bous gonna look at us difrently??

ANDY'S ANSWER: Well, the truth of the matter is that anything that is different about you is going to attract attention. If you and the other girl are the only ones who have started to develop, you will be the ones that get stared at the most. If someone has a big zit on the end of their nose, people will look. It's not very polite to be obvious about it, but it's normal to be curious.

Now is a good time to make sure that just because you are getting attention, it is not disrespectful attention. For instance, if boys start making crude comments about you or your breasts, make sure you let them know that you are not an object for their amusement. You are a person and if that's how they are going to treat girls, they are going to have a pretty hard time finding a girl that will like them. Then walk away. Your body's development is a normal process. It deserves R-E-S-P-E-C-T. 

Below is the recording of Andy answering this question.

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