Growing Spurts

If you suddenly find yourself tripping over everything, the reason is simple. Your increased hormone activity is also responsible for some of the tremendous growth spurts you've been experiencing. Since you don't have enough time to adjust to the differences in your size and learn to coordinate your new proportions, you will often feel clumsy. It's easy to understand if you watch a girl put on a pair of high heels for the first time. Until she is accustomed to her new height, she will wobble and stagger and even trip. Another example would be trying to draw or write with a pair of gloves on. Although it can be done, until you've gotten used to working with the gloves on, your writing is apt to be exaggerated. During your teens your limbs just don't feel the same one day to the next and it is difficult to manoeuvre gracefully.

If you are a girl, the growth spurt is often one of the first changes that will occur as you enter puberty. Boys usually get their growth spurt after their sex organs have begun to develop.

The growth spurt means that your bones are getting longer at an increased rate. You can grow as much as ten to twelve centimeters in one year during your growth spurt.

Puberty can be hard on your body image as things are not always changing in proportion. Although you are getting taller, your bones do not all grow at the same rate. The bones in your feet grow faster than your other bones so they reach full size long before you've reached full height. That may be a relief to those of you that are presently walking around with a large "under-standing".

Your arms and legs also grow faster than your backbone during the puberty stages, sometimes leading one to believe that you are almost able to scratch your knees without bending over. In the end your body will eventually catch up with itself.

The growth spurt also includes changes in your body's shape. The lower part of your face will get longer. Your face will fill out in different places, giving it a more mature shape. Boys will notice that their shoulders get wider, making their hips seem narrower. Muscles develop on their shoulders, upper arms, thighs and calves, giving their whole body a more mature, masculine appearance.

Girls will notice their hips get wider as the fat tissue begins to develop around their thighs, hips and buttocks, in turn making their waist appear smaller. Their breasts also develop fat tissue making them rounder and more prominent on their body.

A lot of people think that girls go through puberty at an earlier age than boys, but actually, the first changes of puberty happen at about the same ages in both boys and girls. One reason for this misconception is that some of the changes are more obvious in a girl, for example the development of breasts. Another reason is that girls tend to have their growth spurt at the beginning stages of puberty while boys have theirs in the middle stages, about two years later.




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